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Rabit [userpic]
First Post... o.0
by Rabit (jisatsu_usagi)
at October 17th, 2007 (02:10 pm)
current song: candy man - aqua

Hi everyone. I know I created the community a few days ago and have yet to do anything with it, but be patient please! I'm gonna need some of you guys to help me out because I work 3 jobs right now and going into holiday seasons I'm going to be BUSY!!!

I'm working on a layout and all that right now it's just taking a while.

Anyone got some really good hi res pics of Tom? That would help a lot. I have a few but I guess I'm picky, I like selection. =3

Here's a few of my basic creations. You can use them for bases if you want just credit me n stuff. ^_^

This is the second one I made... I like it best.
effin hot!

My first transformation.