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My Brand of Heroine.

Tom Sturridge is Edward Cullen.

Tom Sturridge IS Edward Cullen.
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For fans of Sturridge, Edward and most importantly, Tom AS Edward.

So here's the rules for now, I'll keep this simple for now-
1. Try to stay at least near the topic.
2. Don't spam- unless it's pictures of Tom/Edward.
3. Be nice to everyone, that should be common sense you guys.
4. Death to Jacob Black.

(okay... that last one's a joke. lol.)

I created this community because-
There's a lot of support for Gaspard as Edward- which I love Gaspard- but I like Tom, and I know there's other's out here that do. So here is a place for us Tom fans to get together and fangirl. (no offense boys)

Tom is the perfect Edward.